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Shop, Save, and Support at the 52fundraiser website store for your group

about 52fundraiser

Welcome to the 52fundraiser Community, a new online fundraising idea that helps you support your local community through online charity stores. 

Our goal is to strengthen local communities by sending customers to local merchants, providing value to consumers, and forwarding funds to local charities.  Please join us, as together we can build online communities that help make our local communities more connected, stronger, and better supported.

Merchants:  Get measurable ROI on your ad budget with business that benefits charities.

We promote your business through ad space, promotional products ad space, online coupon discounts, or we sell what you can ship as a drop ship product, as an introduction to your business.  Costs are tied directly to resulting customers -  NOT clicks or impressions or mass printings.  Family owned small businesses love the affordability and flexibility of 52fundraiser. Learn more...

Charities:  Easy online fundraiser 52 weeks, 24/7, online, effortlessly! 

Easy promotion and funding through online charity stores that resemble the group’s website or can in fact be the website for small groups.  

1)      Drop ship products are just as they sound: products that are ordered at 52fundraiser and sent from the merchant directly to the consumer – not to the charity to have to sort and deliver.  Each product raises 30% for the charity without the charity even touching it.

2)      Printable coupons cost consumers $1, arrive automatically by email, and are a 100% fundraiser.  Everything is handled for the charity, no lists of patrons requested, no inventory, no minimum sales or size of group or incorporation requirements, and we provide sales tracking detailed to the individual within the group.

 3)      Help consumers discover what your group is selling.  Many local patrons would like to support a group in your community if they could just figure out which group is selling what items.  52fundraiser meets this need by listing both 52fundraiser items and the group's other items.  This service is called 'GroupStuff' and is provided at no cost to the group when items are listed using our provided form and then sold through Paypal.  52fundraiser merchant portal is also available for this service if needed.   Don't have stuff? We can help.  Check out the 52stuff to add to your GroupStuff sales. Learn more...

4)      Groups can also take advantage of the online auction capacity at 52fundraiser. Items can be listed by 52fundraiser on your behalf, or they can be listed by individuals.  Patrons can now offer a donated item while they retain possession of the item.  Think of it as an online garage sale without all the items decending upon the group volunteers.   The process is simple, and the group raises 90% from each item sold with the proceeds being forwarded from 52fundraiser. 

5)       Fully integrated WordPress websites are available upon request for a nominal annual fee.  This provides full and private access for group leaders to post your own content to an easy to use WordPress website that's embedded into the group's store.  This is a great solution for small groups without the infra-structure of a large organizations IT department.  And it helps drive revenue for your group. Otherwise, simply add a tab at your current website referring patrons to your specific online store at 52fundraiser.

Consumers:  Shop, Share, and Save Money!

Share $1 with a charity, feel good about helping and Supporting others, then Save money with a great discount at a local merchant – just when you want it.  Now you can purchase a product online that you actually want to own, and feel good about getting what you wanted, knowing that you are helping others. Learn more...


Whether you are a business that’s new to the concept of cause marketing, a nonprofit searching for effortless fundraising, or a consumer looking for discounts while supporting a favorite cause, each of us can make our communities strong again by working together.  So we invite you now to join this online community that helps your local community! 

Again, welcome to the 52fundraiser Community of Charity Online Stores serving the greater Kansas City metro area, like Overland Park, Lee’s Summit, Olathe, Lenexa, and growing. provides community based e-commerce solutions helping you Shop, Save, and Support your local community. 52fundraiser is getting an updated new look and being re-branded into